Gospel Communities

The Mission is more than Sunday.


Gospel Communities are a small group within the life of Resurrection Church taking up one area of our Mission together for short time with a specific plan.

The Great Commission must be central to Resurrection Church. We are called to this Mission individually and together.

Resurrection Church exists to take Jesus to Everyone: To Announce the Gospel in order to Make Disciples.

Resurrection Church exists to place Jesus over Everything: To Apply the Gospel in order to Mature Disciples.

Resurrection Church exists to plant Jesus in Every Place: To Advance the Gospel by Mobilizing Disciples to Plant Churches.

It is challenging (impossible) to constantly focus on every aspect of the mission. That's why we ask that Gospel Communities choose a single focus. We want to see Gospel Communities embrace a portion of the Mission with energy and clarity. For now, Resurrection Church's leadership has identified 4 areas of focus: Prayer, Witness, Body Life, and Word.