The Statement of Faith of Resurrection Church

Resurrection Church’s Statement of Faith is vital to our life together. We are a people united by what we believe about God, His Word and His World.

The Statement does not contain everything that the Bible teaches. In fact, it doesn't contain even all the most important things!

The Statement contains truths that we believe are either vital or functional to the life and mission of our church.

By vital we mean that if you lose these truths you lose the whole thing. (think: ‘Jesus really rose from the dead’)

By functional we mean that, in this time and place, these truths provide a strong footing for meaningful partnership and mission together. (think ‘our church only baptizes believers’)

Believe it or not, Resurrection Church is not the first group of Christians (and we won’t be the last)! While our church is responsible for our own life and doctrine, we want to plant our feet firmly in the faith that has been passed down for generations. Our Statement of Faith has roots in previous Baptist Confessions like the New Hampshire Confession of Faith and the Second London Baptist Confession but even finds forefathers farther back in the Westminster Confession and the Early Church Creeds.


We believe God’s Word is True and Flawless.

The Bible is the Word of God. The Word of God partakes in all the beauty and power of God’s character. Resurrection Church believes the Bible is true from top to bottom. Resurrection Church believes the Bible is flawless and will not lead anyone wrong. Resurrection Church believes that God has given us what we need to live for Him when He gave us the Bible.

We believe Jesus Christ is only way to be right with God.

Every person has sinned against God and needs a savior. While many religions and philosophies talk about how to “fix” what’s wrong with us and our world, the Bible makes clear that Jesus Christ is our only hope. Jesus lived perfectly the way we could not. Jesus died sacrificially for our sins. Jesus rose victoriously as our hope. Jesus is coming again to punish evil and deliver His people. Jesus calls all people to turn from sin and trust in Him. Jesus holds out forgiveness for sins and the power of His Spirit to live a new life to those who trust in Him.


We believe the Spirit of God forms the Church.

The church was formed by the Spirit of God, whom Jesus poured out. The church is the body of Christ and we are brought into the body of Christ by the Spirit when we believe the Gospel. No one is born into the church until they are born again by the Spirit. When someone is born again by the Spirit they make this public through their baptism proclaiming, “I am buried with Christ and being raised to live a new life in Him!”

We believe God is in total control and Jesus is in charge of our lives.

God is in charge from start to finish. God runs the show. We love this fact because we know God is totally good and God is plenty strong to handle all of history (and our lives).

Humanities rebellion against God running the show is what got us in this mess in the first place. That’s why we as a church embrace the authority of Jesus over everything in our lives. When Jesus saves us, He takes over our lives!